Global Financial Services - Head of Data, MI & Analytics

I had the privilege to work very closely with Gaja when we implemented first Data Hub on cloud both on AWS (fully serverless) and then on GCP (partial serverless). I have come across very few people who are completely hands-on at such a senior level and Gaja is one of them. He demonstrated absolutely clear vision and complete control on architecture, design and implementation of data strategy. He used to get into details with the team hands-on everyday and helped the team at every step. He has in-depth understanding of data and how to put the entire framework of data management, data ingestion, storage, reporting with full data governance framework like data integrity, quality, recon checks etc. He has very detailed understanding of both AWS and GCP as well and could leverage relevant components to implement the full data pipeline, storage and reporting capabilities. He demonstrated his ability to see things through from concept to implementations in a very short period of time. He can add lot of value in this space including advanced analytics.