About Us

The Birth of CloudData

To say that we love delivering the data truth, would be an understatement! So what brought us here? The old adage that 'Necessity is the the Mother of Invention' holds true with our story. The seed for CloudData was planted a few years ago with 2 distinct events - A meaningless credit card offer & a data integration project that pushed a relational database beyond its design specifications.

These events clearly demonstrated that:

a. Data silos create undesirable business outcomes

b. Data Integration (solving the data silo problem) is a quintessential requirement for all organizations, even in the Cloud.

A Data Integration Hub is an enterprise's single source of the data truth, enabling high-quality standardized enterprise data delivery. With this, Analytics, Machine Learning and AI initiatives become meaningful. Our drive to integrate is fueled by a passion to eliminate data silos.

Founder's Bio

Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha is a seasoned data practitioner with a 28-year proven track record of managing and integrating large data footprints, on-premises and in the Cloud. During his career, he has worked with a variety of data stores - Relational (Oracle & MySQL), Hadoop, NoSQL (HBase, MarkLogic, DynamoDB & FireStore) and Columnar Databases (BigQuery).

Gaja is a certified AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner & AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. He has co-authored two books - Oracle Performance Tuning 101 published by Oracle Press and Oracle Insights : Tales of the Oak Table, published by Apress LP. His publications on Serverless Data Integration can be found here. He is a member of the OakTable Network and invented the term 'Compulsive Tuning Disorder' (CTD) - circa 2000.